Today marks 3 weeks of officially living out of my backpack and having no hair curler. I'm also en route to Bangkok, Thailand via a 15-hour long bus ride. If you haven't been keeping up on my Instagram, I started with Hong Kong, Vietnam (my favourite country so far), then Cambodia.

While on my epic journey, I've met so many amazing people from around the globe. Apart from all the new slang terms from their homeland, I've gained some tips and downloaded quite the collection of travel apps based on their advice.

Let's get started...


  1. If you've ever been scammed by a cabbie or worried that you're lost then this app is for you. is an offline map, so you can download the map of a given area and bam you can search for your destination even if you don't have WiFi. I find it really helpful in cabs especially if you're worried about getting dropped off at the wrong place or if your driver is taking the longer route. Something to note, the app will give you an estimated arrival time but it's pretty inaccurate because it doesn't take traffic or road closures into consideration, so always give yourself extra time.
  2. Trip Advisor: There's nothing worse than spending money on shitty excursions or restaurants. Save time and cash by doing a little bit of research on Trip Advisor. I use it more so for researching tour and bus companies. I also keep an eye out for negative comments on reviews and the level of consistency.  
  3. My Currency: We can all stop pretending to be the mathematicians that we're not. Just plug in the number in your My Currency app and you have your conversion. 
  4. Google Translate: Learning the language is always a plus even if it's just "thank you". Fortunately, most of the locals we've met spoke English but we have been in areas where they don't speak any. That's where Google Translate comes in handy. We wouldn't use the app for full sentences but keywords. If you can't say the word, just show them your phone screen! 
  5. Hostel World: Easily book and search for your accommodations through Hostel World. The only con of their mobile app is that you don't see the details of the bedrooms (ex. how many beds, what type of beds).
  6. Sky Scanner: Who doesn't love cheap flights? You can easily search, compare and watch prices for a particular flight on Sky Scanner. It also gives you the prices for local airlines so if you've been watching for prices in your "home" country (in my case Canada) you might've missed out on those options.

 Hope these help you as much as they've helped my friends and I!


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