El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Almost a month ago I quit the job I loved. I didn't have another one to fall back on and I didn't have a plan B. Then one morning I woke up with the travel bug. The initial course of action was a luxury trip to Hong Kong and the Philippines, two destinations that I've traveled to in the past and have loved. Things quickly changed and now I'm about to trek on a 2.5 month long backpacking trip across South East Asia. As terrified as I am, I know this will be a life-changing experience - especially for someone who's used to having 2 different closets.


  1. Break the cycle - I have always been a logical person for the sake of the expectations that others bestowed upon me. Studied hard, finished university, got a job offer after graduation, etc. (Un)fortunately, life throws unexpected challenges your way and no matter how well you prepare your life for it, you just can't anticipate it. So I've chosen to do something out of my norm and instead of having this well-though-out plan, I'm going to ride this wave!
  2. Timing - I've always loved to travel but I always made up excuses or had to work with a 2-week vacation period (which is not enough time to explore any country). But there's never a right time to travel, you just have to pick up your balls and do it. I look at my life now and realize the timing couldn't have been better. I'm young, no commitments, and my budget can allow for it.
  3. Selfishness - This point goes hand-in-hand with the first two but for so long I've made certain decisions to please others. With this trip, I'm choosing to be selfish. Leaving my family and friends (except for the fact that I'm travelling with 3 friends lol - I'm not that independent), missing birthdays, etc. It's time to do something for myself because I can't live my life just trying to please everyone but me.
  4. Meet new people - With the change of scenery, I'm excited to meet new people from all over the world. Whether it's locals or other backpackers, I know that I'll be able to learn something from every person I'll encounter.
  5. Humble myself - I'm not too proud to say that I'm extremely materialistic. I have more belongings than I need (working 3 years in retail does this to you). As I'm preparing for my trip I've been watching a ton of vlogs and the same message keeps coming up, "pack light". The thought of wearing the same 4 shirts for 2.5 months makes me anxious as silly as it seems. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it but I'm gonna do it. I've also recently purged my closets and I'm selling it all. If you're interested check out @leezyscloset on Instagram!

So as I conclude this post, welcome to my quarter-life crisis! Hope you're as entertained by it as I am. 

First stop, Hong Kong.


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