ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips

If you've been on Instagram in the last 6-months then you've likely heard of ColourPop. Made in LA, they're the cosmetics brand everyone's jumping on. I first took notice of the brand on social media After window shopping the colours and constantly seeing @flamcis rock their lippies, I had to get a hold of them. 

I started with purchasing some of their top sellers like Trap (my personal fave), StingRAYE, Midi, and Beeper. Oh and FYI, you get a discount on your first order, so I suggest to stock up to make the cost of shipping worth it. Once #KaePop, a collaboration with ColourPop and Karreuche, was released I placed my order for that too because I have a fear of items selling out.

My overall feedback: great product, great price, highly pigmented, and no duties (all my Canadians feel me). The one downfall is the dryness but I find all liquid lipsticks drying. To prevent it from happening, I suggest exfoliating your lips beforehand especially if you plan on reapplying and using a lip primer (I use MAC's Prep + Prime). For the darker colours, I find that you don't need a lip liner because they're so pigmented but I would suggest getting them for the lighter ones. 


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