Wilfred APPELL Coat from ARITZIA; Wilfred Diamond Mosaic Scarf from ARITZIA; SOREL 'Tivoli' boot from Aritzia

I guess you could say Toronto got hit with a lot of snow. So much that I got a snow day! For those who weren't so lucky, like my poor tiny mother, I hope you were able to get to from point A to point B in a safely and timely matter. Since we aren't new to this type of weather (hello, we live in Canada), I'm sure everyone was bundled up from head to toe. My favourite items to stay warm in are definitely my Sorel boots and of course my blanket scarf.

I started my addiction in first year university when I bought my first Wilfred scarf - it was orange and the OG of blanket scarves. Since I was a noob and did not wash my own clothes, my mom shrinked it and I had to pass it down to my baby sister. In true Aritzia fashion, they discontinued the colour and I've been mourning my loss ever since.

Ever since then I haven't been able to stop purchasing them. I even buy them in various colours. If it works, it works. My favourite stores to purchase them include Aritzia, Zara and Oak + Fort. I find that Aritzia has high quality and timeless designs, Zara is on-trend and easy to maintain, and Oak + Fort is affordable and timeless.

I love that a blanket scarf isn't only functional but it can complete your overall outfit. I almost never my house without it.  

T-B: Wilfred Diamond Mosaic Scarf from ARITZIA; Scarf C15-OAFC15 from Oak + Fort; Two-sided scarf from Zara (similar)

Interesting fact: Blanket scarves collect bacteria (it covers your mouth and all the moisture sticks to it) so wash it often. If you don't wash your scarves regularly, you'll notice chin acne and/or pimples around your mouth.

If you have any favourite shops for blanket scarves, leave them in the comments below. I could always use some more!


  1. love me some blanket scarves too :) great post!

  2. Hey! I was just wondering how do you wash your Aritzia blanket scarf?!

    1. I soak it in shampoo and cold water then hang to dry! :)

    2. i heard that causes the scarf to not be that soft anymore :( is it true?
      because i've had mine for a couple of months and still have yet to wash it

    3. I don't put a lot of shampoo and I don't soak it for too long maybe 5-10 minutes then I make sure to squeeze out all the shampoo and let it soak again in cold water for another 5 mins. I do this with my scarves all the time and I don't have any issues with it! :)

  3. Very specifically dry clean only, 100% wool. I washed both of mine in the sink and hung to dry, much to my dismay they shrank and lost their shape. I can't bring myself to buy another, but they are no longer wearable.