H&M trench coat; H&M top; JBrand jeggings; Zara booties

We all know trench coats are a classic piece, but we're seeing it pop up more than ever. Is this because of the rise of the #GIRLBOSS? Or could it be because "normcore"? Whatever the case, I'm loving it. 

When I bought my trench coat (or lab coat, as I refer to it) last year, little did I know that I'd be wearing it on the daily. Even though it's a classic, I can't lie I was a bit intimidated wearing and styling it. At first I felt a bit witchy but now I sass it up with pastels and booties that aren't black.

My style is pretty feminine and a black trench coat is almost the opposite. It's professional, it's chic, and relaxed. So I balance my outfits by wearing lighter colours, shorter tops (if you're extra sassy, style it with a crop top), and accessorizing. I have an obsession with rings if you can't tell.

If black isn't your thing, I've been lusting over Artizia's Babaton Lawson Trench Coat in Oxford Tan. It has a relaxed fit (so that's a win) and it's a good length for all my petite girls out there. If you're a shortie like me, try and look for trenches in the petite section. The longer the trench the shorter you'll look. As a rule of thumb for myself, I try to find coats that don't go past my knee. 

K blog post done, time to play in the snow!


  1. I’m in love with your blog! It was so interesting to read your posts and also I’d like to say that you have beautiful photos!
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    Diana Cloudlet

  2. Love the entire look! I'm on the hunt for a good trench to add to my collection but I think I want a camel colored one. :P