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According to the calendar, we can officially say it's summer! *jumps for joy* However, with the warm weather comes humidity, skin, (ugly) toes, and bad foundation - and I'd like to avoid some of those things as I'm sure most of you would too.

I've rounded up my favourite beauty products for this sweltering summer (L-R):

1. Hoola by benefit - I don't know about you but I like me some bronzer. I'm fairly ghostly pale so I need all the help I can get. This gives me a decent bronze without all the shimmer and shine, and it's not too dark. I prefer it more than NARS' Laguna

2. Freedom Polymer Top Coat by Julep - Unlike the rest of society, I never have time to do my nails let alone get them done. I used to suffer from chronic chipped nails then came this top coat. I buy cheap nail polish then put this magical creation on my fingers and it looks like I just came from the salon. My nails don't chip, have scratches, and I can do them right before I sleep because they dry at lightening speed. You're welcome ladies, you're welcome.

3. Self Tan Bronzing Mousse by St. Tropez - Limited outdoors time is no excuse to have pale skin. I use this bad boy all year long to give me a tan when I need it the most. Washes after 2-3 days, then just reapply. If you want to look like you just came from Cuba, they have a Dark version. Also, I highly suggest getting the mitten and even having a buddy to help you tan the areas you can't reach *wink*

4. Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer by NARS - Ever since I've started using tinted moisturizer, I rarely apply foundation. The great thing about this one is that it's non-comodeogenic which is a fancy way of saying it's oil-free. This is beach, clubbing, gym, and amusement park friendly. If you suffer from severe sweating and you find that your foundation is melting, this will be the cure to all your problems. It's light and it won't melt off your face. Also, I suggest buying a shade darker for the summer, especially if you expect to tan.  


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