As of recently I have:

  • Quit my job of 3 years
  • Started a new job doing administration and being a marketing assistant
  • Finished my third year of university
Lots of big changes in such a short amount of time, I feel blessed to have these opportunities. One word of advice to everyone, if you hate your job - quit. Money is no reason to stay, put your happiness above all. I mean, yes I'm glad I had a job that allowed me to buy pretty clothes and expensive bags, but I would come home crying and feeling like shit. Mind you, I'm only 20-years old, and I should be spending my money on alcohol, not Chanel. 

Wilfred Le Fou jacket from Aritzia, T by Alexander Wang tank, TNA flannel from Aritzia, H&M pants, F21 necklaces, Chanel caviar jumbo

Alexander Wang sandals


  1. Just wondering why you quit Aritzia? And were you a super seller? I just started at Aritzia not too long ago, and I could see how stressful it could be, but i'm just curious as to what your experience was like

    1. I chose to pursue other opportunities, and yes I was. If you need tips feel free to e-mail me.

  2. Do you mind if I ask how the pay structure at Aritizia works? And what is a super seller? I have an interview at the Shops at Don Mills Toronto location and I'm really nervous. Paying tuition has been an issue so please enlighten me! I'm also in a really stressful program and don't know if I can handle it since I'm only a second year student.