Where The Wild Things Are

My favourite thing to hear is that there's a heat alert and that it's on the same day as my day off. I know from these pictures I look extremely pale, but I stocked up on some gradual tanners and bronzers and I'm pretty sure I'll look like Snooki by the end of summer minus the cheetah print Uggs-esque slippers.

Can we take a second to look at my top? This is probably the third time I've worn it this week (I'm obviously obsessed). It's literally the best top I own, and I can actually put it in the washing machine. Best. Thing. Ever. Now, can anyone tell me where I can get some more kimonos? I want to be like Miley Cyrus and have a rack full of them.

Wilfred tribal tank from Aritzia, UO kimono, H&M sparkle boots


  1. i was staring at that tank at work today.. now knowing it's weaponsofmass approved, I must have it.