One of the boys

Since the snow finally melted I was finally able to wear the Converse that my sister got me for Christmas. I'd usually wear them with leather pants, but I was on my way to my boyfriend's volleyball game and didn't want to attract too much attention to myself. 

Anyways, aside from my shoes, check out the turtle neck. I'm trying to convince myself that I'll get a lot of use out of it, but I want to wear it without looking like an old man. I've already worn it with a faux fur vest which worked great. I thought the camo jacket worked well, it made my look more trendy and tomboyish at the same time. 

Thrifted camo jacket, T. Babaton turtleneck from Aritzia, Talula chinos from Aritzia, gifted Converse, DIY cut-out gloves, Michael Kors watch 

Probably not the smartest thing to cut out these gloves, my fingertips were freezing!

T. Babaton cashmere turtle neck. No scarf necessary, you can wear it with tights, pants, or nothing (joking). And it's so warm, that I can't wear anything under it or I'll start sweating buckets.


  1. hi hi- i LOVE this jacket. what a find.
    great blog :-)

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