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Xylk (one of the members of Plaitwrights) has always been a unique individual. During high school we barely spoke maybe said a few words to each other, we had mutual friends and that was the only way we interacted. But even if you didn't have a close friendship with him, you could tell he was popular. But it wasn't the type of popular where he was douchey, he spoke to all walks of life (literally), never afraid to take risks. 

This goes with not only the way he approached his life at school, but the way he approached his sense of style, and ultimately his music. Plaitwrights is a unique duo. They have a different sound, and if that isn't enough their videos are visually distracting and extremely out of the box. 

Angela, the female counterpart of Plaitwrights, also the singer (no offence Xylk) has her own steeze. Even though she rolls with the boys, she still keeps her independence and makes her own covers, and she can play ukulele and guitar. She has an amazing voice, so check her videos out too!

My favourite part about Plaitwrights is that they really showcase their roots. Whether it's from the clothes, filming in the city of Toronto, and even getting their friends to do cameos in the videos.

Right now their main concern is to finish school. Xylk will be finishing up advertising at Seneca. Then Angela will be finishing up an independent music program at Seneca/York. Right after graduating, they'll be taking music full on. 

But just because they're in school doesn't mean they'll be taking breaks, the two always surprise their audience with new videos and tracks. Be sure too look out for Plaitwrights!

Plaitwrights' next official music video will be released on February 13th: Hometown Punc.

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  1. There amazing, I truly enjoy their sound!

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