After a warm sunny week, it only seemed obvious that Toronto would get hit by clouds and rain. This usually gets people to complain about the cold damp weather, but I was excited. Fall is my favourite season to dress for. For the sole purpose of layering! I bought the perfect layering piece - a knit sweater from The Gap. It's super comfy and soft, and I bought it in a large just so I could have that oversize feel and make it over the shoulder, and being able to roll up the sleeves doesn't make the sweater so dull. I just want to buy this sweater in every colour, it's so comfortable! 

Knit sweater from The Gap, Knit scarf from H&M, Jacket from H&M, Tights from H&M, 'We Who See' combat boots from Urban Outfitters

Super awkward picture of me

I couldn't believe that I was able to snag these boots for $29.99 at Urban Outfitters. I told myself that I should stop making impulse purchases, but this was a deal that I could not pass up.