We're making waves

It's that time of year again, Filipinos Making Waves. It's essentially a music festival that showcases filipino artists in Toronto, and then they bring in artists from the States ('YouTube' famous artists). There were many headliners that I was looking forward too: Mitchell Grey, Jesse Barrera, Passion, Leejay, and Jeff Bernat. 

It was a great show (even in the rain), they performed a lot of my personal favourites and they also had a meet and greet - so I snagged myself a few photos.

Street meat from Queen St. food trucks.

6 dolllllllas for all this.

Jeff Bernat setting up.

Me and my sister with Mitchell Grey

Ryan Bandong is a cutie.

Leejay - funny guy!

Jesse Barrera and Jeff Bernat - such down to earth artists.


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