Respect the thin line

Spending my week-end like every other 18 year old - sitting on the couch watching High School Music. Yup, I'm pretty much living on the edge. Then I realized I should probably go out and some what partake in adolescent behavior. So, Z and I went shopping for the Baptism tomorrow, then went to a Chinese AYCE buffet in Pickering called Great Wall (2 for 1 coupons y'all). Everyone asked me if I went to work today because of my not so casual outfit, but I just really wanted to dress up - nothing wrong with that...right? Plus, I should really make the most out my pastel clothing before summer ends.

Thrifted blouse, H&M oversized sweater, H&M silk A-line skirt, ALDO platform wooden heels, Michael Kors watch, F21 bracelets, Thrifted earrings

And if you hadn't noticed, I accomplished the infamous "white girl bun". Where's my trophy?


  1. Such a pretty and feminine look! I love those heels!

  2. love the pics! really classy but also feminine look :)

  3. Why are you so beautiful? :)
    Keep up with your blog!
    Of course we're following U.

    With love from ♥

  4. I have those exact same Aldo heels, they look great on you!
    xo Olivia

  5. Beautiful photos and outfit! Love your shoes! :)