Out of my comfort zone

If you can't beat em, join em. I thought I could pass the whole turban/turband fad but I've been bored with my looks lately and thought - "Why the hell not". So, I went on YouTube and searched for a quick tutorial. Needless to say, it's very easy, all you need is a scarf and voila, after a few knots and twists you have yourself a turban/turband. I also decided to do the semi-sheer maxi skirt, popularized by American Apparel. I did it with a maxi skirt that I already own, and just folded and safety pinned the lining. Ta-da, I just saved myself a few bucks.

Thrifted scarf, thrifted blouse, H&M maxi skirt, Mom's shoes, Michael Kors watch

I also went out for breakfast with an old co-worker of mine, Jess. We ate at Markham Station (by Markham and Sheppherd) and had the daily special that only cost $4.99, and it was more than filling. It was good to finally catch up with her.

Daily special comes with: eggs, home fries, bacon or sausage or ham

Oh and toast, and I ordered a hot chocolate for my drink

Meet the lovely Jess.

Here's the YouTube tutorial that I learned from. She actually doesn't talk at all, but she shows you various ways of how to make a turban and/or turband. Enjoy it and try it out!


  1. Love your sheer skirt!


  2. I love your sheer skirt!! And that video is a really great tip!! Thank you for that! :)

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