Life is a beach

Every time I go to the beach I can't but notice that - damn, us ladies really do over pack! When essentially we only need a few key items.

  1. Long Champs bag: It's the cliche purse of 2010/2011 but it's because of how well it compliments any outfit. The bag itself is very durable, it can handle a heavy load and it's water resistant. I suggest all you Canadian ladies to buy yours across the border at the Duty Free, I got mine for only $80 compared to the ones here that cost $150.
  2. Towel: I feel like we all tend to back very thick and heavy towels, when really all we need is a thin light towel. Lighter for obvious reasons, and thin because it's easier for the sun to dry up. I purchased mine from Old Navy and it comes with a string to hold it together.
  3. Raybans: Whether it's Aviators, Wayfarers, Club Masters - Raybans are a classic sunglasses and are timeless. Enough said.
  4. Watch: It's time to stop relying on technology (specifically our cell phones) to tell us the time. Michael Kors has a great selection of watches, and if that doesn't suit your price range there's always Fossil.


  1. HI DEAR...
    your blog is fantastic...i like it so much...
    btw watch the Tommy Hilfigher video at my blog...
    and tell me what do you think about the preppy...

  2. Love your RayBans! I need a pair!

  3. haha yes i totally overpack for ANYTHING.