1 LOVE T.O. Grande Opening

After years of pop up shops, 1 LOVE TO has finally open up their own shop on Bathurst and Dundas. The Grande Opening was very exciting for everyone, and the 1 LOVE TO did an awesome job to make sure everyone had a good time. It's especially exciting for Torontonians who don't need to rely on the pop up shops anymore and can finally rely on the physical store. There was a huge block party, and if you hit it up early (like I did), you could've bought your shirt from T-Rex (the host of Rap City on Much) and Shawn Desmond. And if you weren't already rocking a 1 LOVE TO shirt, everyone still had their own steeze - gotta love Toronto street style. 

Skam doing his thing

Z and I with T-Rex

People lined up to get their 1 LOVE TO shirts from Shawn and T-Rex

I finally got my shirt too - pink, of course!

Want dinner for under $10, go to BBQ Express on Queen St. You won't regret it, and neither will your wallet!

BBQ chicken leg, with a side of rice, pasta salad, and fries

Chicken waaaangs