I don't want to rain on his parade

I understand we're in Canada and appreciate warm weather when we get it, but Mother Nature really hit us hard with this 41 degrees weather. I don't know what's worse -41 degrees or today's scorching heat. Fortunately, I didn't spend a lot of time outside. I went out with my little cousin (Nene), my friend (Jonna), and Z. We went for sushi at Matsuda (Middlefield and Steeles) - I mean at this point where else do I wanna get my sushi? Then we hit up Pacific for unnecessary items - i.e. false lashes and nail polish. Then went to Town Centre to get my baby sister her school uniform. Obviously we loved spending our time in areas with A/C.
Thrifted pink maxi skirt from Black Market, Feather earrings from F21, Silk cut-off blouse by T. Babaton from Aritzia, Bag, bracelet, and shoes from Aldo, Thrifted belt

Claw finger ring from the Philippines, Cross ring from Stoneridge, Chunky ring from Aldo

 Jonna and Nene

 Z and I

Everyone loves sushi right?


  1. love this look! ps found your bloogggg haha xx