Thrifted bunched pearl earrings, thrifted silk blouse, high-wasited shorts from Tomato

After working all week, I finally had my day-off - too bad I had a lot of errands to run. I did find the time to stop by the Salvation Army 50% off sale and picked up a few goodies for this upcoming Fall and only spent $19.50. 

A lot of people say that they don't have the patience to look for clothes in thrift stores, but I think it's good to have something in mind and then go from there. Since summer is coming close to an end, it was bye-bye to pastels and hello to darker tones. I played it safe and got a lot of great basics for this fall, loose silk pieces, mustard tank, black collared shirts, and a hot pink clutch (not very fall-esque, but so necessary).


  1. thats crazy only for 19.50!
    thanks for your comment sweetie! xx

  2. I'm subbing because of this post, those are some BEAUTIFUL finds <3