Send you my love from the PI

I've been in the Philippines for a week now, and I must say it's the greatest country in the world (bias opinion but whatever). I've had the great privilege to meet and reunite with family members. The food, the shopping, and the people are beautiful. I know my parents have spent their money's worth on the plane ticket once they saw their relatives. It was worth the horrible 16 hour flight.  

I also happened to find the place of my dreams, Makati! It really is the city life, fine restaurants, fine shopping, fine living. I even grabbed a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs studs for $70! We also ate at a seafood restaurant called Mesa, great food and experience. I'll come back for you Makati! 

Paper bag shorts from Tomato, Blouse from Dorthy Perkins, Bag from Longchamps, Flats from SM Department Store, Sunglasses from Ray Bans, Earrings from Aldo Accessories


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